Tom McKee is an Alternative Rock/Post-Hardcore Artist from Philadelphia, PA. His upcoming single "Apparition" is set for release in November 2022. He has been performing and writing music for over 16 years. McKee cites artists such as Anberlin, Breaking Benjamin, Hands Like Houses, Our Last Night, Saosin, & Silverstein as major influences in his music and writing.

McKee uses music as a therapeutic tool and writing songs is a way for him to make sense of the world around him. His music features huge melodic choruses, thunderous drums, catchy riffs and breakdowns, and sonically a balance between chaos and order. Lyrically, he focuses on profound topics and questions a lot about morality. McKee also dives into his own emotions to help come to terms with the past, deal with current situations and wonder about what lies ahead in the future. McKee believes that what he's writing about is relatable and anyone can apply the themes in the music to their own lives. It is his hope that his music connects with people on a deeper level.



"Impressive Instrumental and vocal work, unique transitions, catchy choruses, top notch production... it's all on point."

"Every traditional element of a great Post-Hardcore song is present in "Closer", and then some. Captivating choir-styled synths pull you into the song before taking you on a journey of heavy instrumentals, clean and anthemic vocals, catchy hooks with a guitar driven bridge, before leaving you with an epic outro."

"Top-class production, modern approach, powerful atmosphere, easy listening structure and catchy vibes all along the way."

Havoc Underground

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Standing StillTom McKee
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CloserTom McKee
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PremonitionTom McKee
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"Fueled by desire, "Closer" traverses with unrelenting passion from the moment it begins. The song gifts listeners feelings of soaring hopefulness as they wander along the edge of each sonic cliff carved out by Tom McKee’s songwriting. Conjuring a tidal wave of sound massive enough to awaken the athirst achiever inside us all, the song is bursting with intricate flurries of instruments.


The song’s musicality is equally as dramatic as it is hard-hitting. McKee’s talents sprawl farther than just his skills in composition but his lyric writing and his cathartic approach is one many can find solace and familiarity within. Approachable, profound, melodic and weighted, Closer is a song to get both lost and found in."

Gig Goer